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We now offer two wheel products to ensure you maintain your wheels and keep them looking fresh.

Wheel Fixers Alloy Shine - Alloy Wheel Cleaner

Our alloy wheel cleaner is acid free to make sure you don't stain your precious wheels but its also got the power to remove even the toughest grime from your wheels, only needing a helping hand from our wheel brush to agitate the dirt.

Wheel Fixers Superwax - Alloy Wheel High Gloss Wax

This is to be used after you've just cleaned your wheels, spray onto the wheels once rinsed and this will disperse the water. Using our double sided microfiber cloth wipe until dry and then swap sides and buff to finish. Leaving a high gloss finish.

These are avaliable individually or as a kit, the kit consists of one of each product plus an alloy wheel brush and a double sided microfiber.


Alloy Wheel Cleaner Acid Free COSHH Data Sheet

Alloy Wheel High Gloss Wax COSHH Data Sheet

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